About the Author

C.S.Kelly has lived in rural Mississippi for twenty-seven years, surrounded by all the good, bad, and ugly of the Dirty South. With the ever-present backdrop of ancient cypresses and oaks, murky swamps and dense woods, even mundane everyday life can take on an air of mystery and magic!

She has been writing paranormal fiction for nearly two decades and is overjoyed to present her debut series, “Just South of Normal”.

Watch the EPIC trailer to Book One: Safe Haven!

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In Book One: Safe Haven, Cassandra Kane fights to save her soulmate, family, friends, and the entire human race from a coven of witches, set on disrupting the (super)natural order. Cassie’s the farthest thing from a hero, though. She has been called a lot of things in her century and a half as a vampire: smart-ass, selfish, slacker, stoner, slut, even serial killer… but never, in a million years, would anyone call Cassie brave, selfless, or heroic… That is, until he came into her life…
The sultry, sarcastic vampire lives to drink, smoke, and party all night long. She lives in the moment, revels in hedonistic pleasures, and never gets too attached to anything, anywhere, or anyone. She has learned, time and time again, that nothing can ever be permanent for an immortal. “Happily Ever After” just doesn’t exist, when your story never ends…
All that changes, though, when she meets Daniel Jaggard. Everything she thought she knew about her reality is suddenly turned upside down, as she fights to protect the ones she loves, and the whole world, from a fate equivalent to Hell on Earth. With a powerful coven of witches plotting against them, old enemies lurking in the shadows, and new ones yet to be made, Cassie finds herself caught up in a supernatural war of Biblical proportion.

Book Two: For Haven’s Sake, COMING SOON!!!!

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